The Fool on the Hill

Here I am going to have wierd stuff and even wierder/ funnier(haha)quotes than BeFoRe!~!!!

Now, onto my WIERD stuff:::::::::::

No autographs, please.... how did that happen? Yamato always gets the horn, when he gets his eyes on me!!!--*___^


wat am I supposed to say about this? it's just plain weird!Only Priss is supposed to have a motoslave, nice try Linna!

Damn, stupid!

gee, what a coincidence, that's just what I say whanever I brake a nail...Priss, you are very annoying unless you are in your hardsuit


I am the space pirate RYOKO and in the name of all crappy animation, I SHALL PUNISH YOU!!--Oh god help us all.....

Boy, do I kick ass or what! - not with hair like that, you don't!

**Wow, look at this fork! It has three spikes!** ok, why is her hair like that?!! It's really freaky!

It's Kaworu luver when he wakes up in the morning!

I have no clue what the hell this is, but it's funny...

I choose you, Deathscythe!



What I think when see this picture: "Damn, stick that blue submarine up me baby!" ew...I hate Kino

I'm frightened...

Hello Kitty and Lain collaboration? Idea...


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